•   sweetrat So sexy! ;) 3y
  •   cachetluxury @ochocinco Great pic, great car!! Hey, if you ever need to reserve an exotic/luxury car when you're in the NYC/NJ area, let me know. www.CachetLuxuryAccess.com(888) 217-2062 3y
  •   kingbullard Great car if u need somebody to park it I will 3y
  •   misstinacherry Can I ride with u 3y
  •   unkaldope Yo i need to push that in NY Harlem Fam'!!!!... 3y
  •   jb_mauney_jr Is that ur car 3y
  •   slngata Nice car 3y
  •   mitchlud @ochocinco take me for a ride! I love lambo's! 3y

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