mikeyk @kaitlyn and @brynn trying out the panorama on the iPhone 5 3y
  •   n350sl How was it? In my experience it is remarkably good, and I'm picky about my panoramas! I'm used to the practically foolproof photoshop stitching. 3y
  •   orwellianfan Is that only available on the iPhone five? @mikeyk 3y
  •   hellobabycakes @orwellianfan nah, once you update to ios6, you can do it on the iPhone 4S too 3y
  •   kingdips @orwellianfan its on the iphone 5 and 4s. if you got an iphone 4 the camera is not capable 3y
  •   ufgatormel_ud Love the panorama. So much better than any other app I tried. 3y
  •   gcodegfb Swag! 3y

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