kellyosbourne The rain man of TV and radio @ryanseacrest has finally arrived. Looks like this #Emmys #ERedcarpet is gonna be a fun one. 2y
  •   haslem40 Nice to see G can't wait to see her back in action 2y
  •   jvpayan Wow, Ryan looks strangely attractive in his daily garb... 2y
  •   google_bear_00 Shouldn't guilianna be enjoying some sort of maternity leave ..that gal is a workaholic someone tell her to go hone and enjoy her son. 2y
  •   jmorantensen Part of being a good Mom is taking care of your responsibilities! Would you say that if it were Bill sitting there? She's a great Mom!! Keep it up ladies. Can't wait to watch you tomorrow! 2y
  •   pebblesandbamba ^^^^^ good comment jmorantensin couldn't agree more x 2y
  •   francis_lawler GUILIANA 2y
  •   magdeli03 Yes Guiliana Is back 2y
  •   jmorantensen Thx @pebblesandbamba ! Ignorant comments like that annoy me. After all she went through to have a child she does not deserve comments like that. 2y

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