eurokeith Putting the inside on the outside @lloydsoflondon #lloydscomp 3y
  •   eurokeith The building is designed with all the services (stairs, lifts and ventilation ducts) on the outside, creating a great sense of space inside with the galleries surrounding a full height atrium. I shot this with the #mpro app in high contrast setting and I think it shows the form of the building really well. 3y
  •   eurokeith @amberrrjones Thanks! 3y
  •   dmfarrell I love this building, it reminds me of a show I saw many years back called metropolis. It was a fab show too!!! 3y
  •   tk2288 Keith. I think you should have won the Lloyds competition with your elevator shot. :-) there's always next time. ;-) 3y
  •   eurokeith @dmfarrell It's great isn't it! 3y
  •   eurokeith @tk2288 Thanks - that's very kind of you to say so :-) The message I got from Lloyd's was that Richard Rodgers thought the picture was "fantastic" and had a "painterly quality" so I'm quite pleased anyway. And yes, there's always next year! ;-) 3y

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