chongerelli Prey Mantis needs an operation 2y
  •   tofudge Creepy 2y
  •   aronart @chongerelli He is saying "all day" 2y
  •   joto112358 好吃! 2y
  •   stringbean98 I scream fake! It looks like a mussel shell with a cooked headless shrimp fitted inside, with a couple of crab legs loosely attached here and there. You made it. Haha 2y
  •   n_brtlsprgr Awwwww :( poor.. 2y
  •   sjahng What is that thing on it's tush? 2y
  •   chongerelli @sjahng its got accidentally stepped on by someone 2y
  •   floleonet  2y

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