amerrymishap this yellow makes me feel soo ready for Fall. in Idaho, it can't come soon enough. 2y
  •   amerrymishap @stephanie_somebody it's worth looking into at least! You're funny! 2y
  •   pernillez i'll gladly send you my email, unfortunately i have no room for a trip to Idaho for quite some time.. as it is, i'm saving my money for nyc and berlin — but if you plan to visit cph, let me know! i'd love to hang out and show you the city ♡ 2y
  •   lelalouhio Yellow is my biggest color crush! Anywhere! But red I also find it very difficult... But outdoors on the leafs, contrasting the bright blue sky, It's quite nice! 2y
  •   amerrymishap @pernillez I don't expect you to visit us all the way over here but I'd love to meet you where you are. If we figure something out, I'll let you know. ;) 2y
  •   amerrymishap @lelalouhio I can see that, outside it's a nice change and excites us for Fall. Bits of yellow at least us possible inside for me. 2y
  •   pernillez ;) i'd love it! would be so fun :) 2y
  •   stephanie_somebody Haha! Definitely worth looking :) x 2y

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