amerrymishap A lot of this. #ammjewelry 2y
  •   amerrymishap @rachleta I wish they would too! Sometimes it's my one stop shop. I have a Prime account because it's where I buy a lot of shop supplies but we also get free shipping on books and other things aaand free movies, even in iPad. It's pretty much great. 2y
  •   j_fredericks I searched everywhere for these scissors, but ended up having to order from DK. What brand are they? 2y
  •   amerrymishap @j_fredericks not sure of the brand but Danish brand HAY makes some just the same. 2y
  •   latzigane @rachleta you can get those from Lee Valley's in Canada. They have them in different sizes as well. 2y
  •   latzigane @rachleta ... And be forewarned... Their site & catalogues are wonderful time wasters 2y
  •   lindseyhoneycomb Following the scissors comments, may I just say THOSE SCISSORS! 2y
  •   amber__maxwell I just broke my scissors like that :( 2y
  •   j_fredericks Yep, @amerrymishap that's the brand I ordered. Had them shipped to my BF in Sweden to save on their ($67!) US shipping cost. 2y

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