ampt Horror Club presents Pasha @yopoosh

Title: Last Man Standing

Description: Sometimes I like to get a little ghastly with my edits. Gas masks and explosions are always fun to play around with.

Process: Step 1) Used Squaready to crop image taken with native iPhone camera. Step 2) Used Juxtaposer to paste image of explosion (taken from online) into the background. Than pasted image of gas mask fella (also taken from online) into new image. Step 3) Open new image in Snapseed and tune image by increasing brightness to +15, ambiance +25, contrast +5, saturation -0. Increased structure by +25. Applied vintage style 3 with style strength decreased to 0 and center size to +70. Save. Open new image in vsco cam and applied preset 2. Save. Done!

Bio: I'm a 23 year old creative soul from the Washington, DC area. Ever since I can remember, I've always been attracted towards anything creative - design, photography, film, music, etc. I appreciate anybody creative and love how it gives you a small glimpse into what goes on in their head. I'm currently studying web design and interactive media, but I work on a bit of photography on the side as well as street art/installations. I'm a quiet person - I observe my surroundings a lot and ask a lot of questions to feed my curiosity. I'm a firm believer in karma and believe that it's strongly important to keep good hearted people around you. You are your company and being around positive people keeps you humble and well-rounded. :) Tag your dark or horror art #hc_ampt for a chance to be featured here. Must be mobile only!

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