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lollyjaneblog Oh boy, I'm turning into my sister. First time in 9.5 yrs of motherhood I bought Eggo's...have to admit they're great when we're in a hurry for school. Who else likes/dislikes Eggo's?? 2y
  •   prince112200 Yeah see kel! YOU are the weird one lol not me!!! My kids had these for breakfast this morn ;) 2y
  •   aprilkennedy I eat three for breakfast with tons of butter and syrup when we have them! I only buy them once a month though because of that. I'd eat them everyday if I could. 2y
  •   junkintheirtrunk We always have eggos in the freezer here!! :) 2y
  •   bethmartineau We had them this morning for breakfast too (with peanut butter even)! Ha! 2y
  •   alexfazio My favorite breakfast as a kid was eggos with peanut butter AND syrup. My kids love the blueberry ones and dip them in yogurt! 2y
  •   azstacy They are just junk. Sorry. Even the nutragrain ones are all enriched wheat flour. U can do better. 2y
  •   jihaewatson Love them. A lot :) 2y
  •   lollyjaneblog Soo funny! This thread made me laugh! @azstacy you're a loner in this crowd ;) I usually do eggs from our chickens. This is faster when I'm in a hurry (and they can make it themselves) 2y

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