drygoodsdesign Sometimes even embroidery floss has a sense of humor; ran out before I could start the 'o' 3y
  •   mengelbencsko Half the time when I type it I forget the 'o'. Always need to double check before I hit send. 3y
  •   alisonglass Funny sewing. 3y
  •   ringosgirl Love it! Leave it that way...make another that reads "oh" to place in front of hell...reminds me of my grandmother's fave game called "oh hell." 3y
  •   drygoodsdesign @ringosgirl that would be awesome and what are the rules to that game? :) 3y
  •   ringosgirl @drygoodsdesign lol it's been a long time since I played it...it's a card game and it's kind of addicting once you figure it out...I just remember being a little girl and hearing my sweet grandma saying "oh hell," and it seemed so scandalous coming from her mouth! I'm going to have to ask my aunt how to play it again bc now I want to play it! 3y

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