astrodub Vanishing Point #SutphinBoulevard 2y
  •   urbahnika @astrodub Crazy! Where is everybody? 2y
  •   astrodub @urbahnika haha, not the busiest of stations. 2y
  •   gilded_rose You are all over this city. I thought you hailed from Astoria 2y
  •   lenovato Woooow! 😮 2y
  •   astrodub @gilded_rose lol, why cause I'm Greek? I lived there when I was "off the boat", but that was way before Astoria got gentrified. Been in Jamaica now for 9 years and love the melting pot atmosphere. Gentrification hasn't reached us yet (thankfully) 2y
  •   jeepwriter Sweet vanishing point! 2y
  •   antojl Lol.. I used to always think about Michael Jackson's Beat It while walking thru this stop. Upstairs is the Barber Shop...or was it Parson's Blvd? :) @astrodub 2y

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