jeremyriad Came home to a gigantic box o' gachapon toys from Japan via Santa Cruz. What a pick-me-up! I may be offering these on my site. Stay tuned #gachagacha & #japanesetoys fans! 4y
  •   stacyjean5 So jealous. 4y
  •   fairlybleak @jeremyriad ummmm.... Super awesomeness. You'll have blisters by the time you finish opening all those. 4y
  •   jeremyriad Leave a comment if you're interested in one/some! They're totally fun; I'll get back in touch w/ a plan...@stacyjean5 @fairlybleak @ gachapartypeople! 4y
  •   crazylikeafox11 I have no first hand knowledge of these but have seen pictures of others getting them. I want one! 4y

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