gothiphop #Destinychild greatest hits album is coming in October #2012. They are one of the top 3 pop selling groups of all time. What did you guys like most about this trio? 2y
  •   veronicayg Every song they ever made!!! #Class #Style #Best #KellyRocks!!!! 2y
  •   notthatkind_ofgirl My fav group and their beauty 2y
  •   taracalifornia11 When Bey was a normal girl before Katz sold her soul for sacrifice 2y
  •   1badstar Destiny reunion .....yeah 2y
  •   califortune Hmmm. That Bey was the superstar just waiting for the momentum to go solo n the other chicks cudda been ANYBODY. #boss 2y
  •   thenars Ima take its wAy back. DESTINYS CHILD: "BILLS BILLS BILLS" 2y
  •   ima_grownwoman True t 2y
  •   am_beyy I think Beyoncé is amazing, Kelly does her thing, Michelle........thanks for your part-time vocals 1y

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