brunogunn i miss us. #hofcity 2y
  •   ohokau Sounds classicly delicious! Btw is classicly a word??? 2y
  •   holycarol I'm such a beautiful girl and I have green eyes!!! I know that you like girls with green eyes,so you follow me then you can see how pretty I am,luv ya xx 2y
  •   adtrchelsea @brunogunn will you please follow me? :) 2y
  •   actormike Best Pizza in Atlanta is Max's Coal Fired! Across from the Aquarium 2y
  •   sere_rayc Pizzaaaaaaa yummy 2y
  •   holycarol Bruno can you follow me pleaseee @brunogunn 2y
  •   ciarainwonderland_x @brunogunn OH MY GOD... I want to go to America... I want to eat nice pizza... Stupid Uk /; 2y
  •   nicole_rae_meyer "Remember when your climbing up hill that there will be a great view at the top, and an easy way down." 6mon

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