christinamilian Have a nice day.. 3y
  •   dablackvenom_omega Nice pic 3y
  •   doeboye1613 SOOOO PRETTY 3y
  •   geep Too cute for words... 3y
  •   chi_towns_finest_hp Ur beautiful 3y
  •   hopemoreno_27 You are like my idol and beyond beautiful! I would make my Lifee if you followwed me <3 :,) @christinamilian 3y
  •   koolboy_h Wow! Can I marry you?... :) 3y
  •   rj14k @christinamilian its suppose ta be at least 10 extra people in this world...but the man above was taking his precious time on you... #gorgeous 3y
  •   true_piston Its amazing to me. I always wonder if some ppl understand how blessed they are. You, are the definition of blessed lol. A guy like mean dreams of a day of even seing you. You are so beautiful and talented its amazing. Honestly the though of another man doing you wrong kills a man at the bottom of the life chain like me.. lol your blessed, beautiful & have the biggest fan in me! Keep doin what you do. 3y

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