bangersandnash The day has finally come. Swimming starts tomorrow. I'm not too sure a out the wake up time. With coach @tailsofamermaid 2y
  •   papabighouse I spent the day failing BADLY at the art of the tumble turn. May the speedo be with u my man! 2y
  •   bangersandnash @rooftopteam I haven't even gotten to the tumble yet, we won't need to do them in the sea though. On a side note, I almost died this morning. 2y
  •   papabighouse @bangersandnash it's a slow and painful road to mastery bro... but let's keep our eye on the wonderfully rewarding prize of experiencing half an hour of pain in a freezing ocean. Hold on, wtf are we doing!? 2y
  •   thelittlelizzy Try living in Jozi. If I wake up at 5:45 I'm late as a ho! 2y

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