evelynlozada In NY 3y
  •   kstevensmorone13 Wow, way to write comments full of cussing etc on someone else's page and pics! Don't think you all would appreciate others doing that on your page as I'm sure she doesn't appreciate it either! Examples of why I don't have or want "typical women" as friends... and some wonder why they can't land a good man! (Because none of them want catty, whiney, attacking, big mouths who draw negative attention to thenselves and think they are hard core and can whoop anyone they come across) act like trash, you will attract trash. This will be my only comment like this on her page regarding others bc I am not going to be added to the list of patheticness on here! Although I didn't swear and go off, just purely stating facts is all. 3y
  •   dimplex0x @kstevensmorone13 amennnnn 3y
  •   a_hustla_p_o_m_e Fuck haters get back to the money bae 3y
  •   e_tucka Elegance! 3y
  •   msmalissaj @kstevensmorone13 amen to that! Thank u so much for saying this... 3y
  •   stilettolova07 @kstevensmorone13 SAY THAT!!! Thank you for saying this! A lot if females are very immature and insecure and can never find a way to give a compliment to another female who's doing better than them. It's quite sad. If you want to be in @evelynlozada level....step ya game up! Hatorade is not a healthy drink!!! Smh 3y
  •   _srg27 That color looks so good on you :) 3y
  •   naturalbeautee75 @newsflash21 bitch u can be bad all u want on this keyboard! But I promise this aint wat u want!! Lil gurl find somebody to play wit! U the only bitter burnt out bitch on here! Thats y ur page private! 3y

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