•   booboo_lihz #@joy_amae don't for get my #pasalulong 3y
  •   anton_ette83 @booboo_lihz naman you spelled it wrong twice! #pasalubong hehe blame auto correct. gimme $ I'll buy you your pasalubong 3y
  •   booboo_lihz #@joy_amae was drunk lang lol yea #pasalubong ko kk 3y
  •   malboelter @joy_amae some how my business account follows you and (MeltingHearts) and I was looking at likes today and saw you... I haven't seen you in nearly a decade! How are you?! Still living in Tahoe?! Ill be visiting this winter if you're around still! Are you still on Facebook?! 3y
  •   anton_ette83 @malboelter hiii mal i don't even know how i end up following melting hearts I don't think we're even friends on Facebook yet. but I saw a few pictures of you on melting hearts and I was like I know her haha yea i always end up moving back to tahoe add me on Facebook. call me when you're in town 3y

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