choongme IDont'tKnowWhatToPackSoI'mBringingEverything!! #uni #packing #clueless #suitcase #luggage #clothes #mess 2y
  •   _jessicafong me toooo ! 2y
  •   theodora.tsang I have two large suitcases just for clothes :( I hate packing 2y
  •   nikkichoong love how everything is neat and tidy now :P 2y
  •   choongme @dare2beher I will make myself everything! 2y
  •   choongme @theodoratsang wow, I only have this one for clothes and shoes :) you won't need 2 will you?! I have 2 more big bags for pots, home stuff etc :) 2y
  •   theodora.tsang I dunno I need to cut down to one but it isn't really working :/ it's good you have tho!! I have a separate case for shoes ! 2y
  •   waipuni Where r u going 2y
  •   choongme @waipuni School of Oriental and African Studies in London :) 2y

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