felicitasmayer Wanna see @jannawerner and me live on ustream? We'll hosting a live Scrapbooking 'class' on Oct 10th, 9pm CET. More information on Oct 2nd ... Hope you join us, we also have awesome news to share!!!! #scrapbooking#papercrafts#scrapperin#scrapperinspiration#goinglive#ustream#2frollein#arrows#triangles#grid#breakingnew#improscrap#diescrapperin#inspiration#athome#livebasteln#wannameet# 2y
  •   sorayamaes.off So I went on the blog and if I understand well there will be further information on the october 2nd? 2y
  •   felicitasmayer @sorayamaes yes, we did this show a year ago for the first time, and its kind of freestyle Scrapbooking... A few days earlier you ( the viewers ) got a list of supplies and you decide what we have to scrap in the show 2y
  •   felicitasmayer @sorayamaes ahh here the word: the viewed vote for different supplies we have to scrap in the show (to late for me) 2y
  •   sorayamaes.off Wow! I love this concept this is how I always scrap : freestyle no matter what I have in store! Creativity is highly stimulated like that! (and it allows to scrap fast) I will do my best to be there!! It will be played directly on the blog? (Sorry for all my questions^^) 2y
  •   felicitasmayer @sorayamaes ask whatever you want to ask the show will be live-streamed on ustream (you got all information where to watch on the blog on oct 2nd) and the show will be recorded...if you cant make it on that time, like the first show which you can watch in the impro-scrap cathegory on the blog 2y
  •   sparklin Fun! 2y
  •   sorayamaes.off Thank you!!!!! 2y
  •   shicchan7 Can't miss it! 2y

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