athriftymrsuk Hitting up the charity shops always soothes me. 2y
  •   chez2k That is a huge charity shop! 2y
  •   orlagh_h Ooh I like those pale yellow plates on the left! X 2y
  •   vintagepleasure @orlagh_la those yellow plates and saucers are Tams and I would have snapped them up if I could have found the matching tea cups! Knowing Emmaus they will be there somewhere! 2y
  •   nicnaks25 My house is pretty much furnished from there! 2y
  •   oskandoly Where is THAT charity shop?? It's huge... I'm so jealous!!! 2y
  •   littlehen What @oskandoly said!! 2y
  •   hackenshmit This looks amazing! 2y
  •   chloetiggs Where is this? Looks phenomenal 2y

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