theodorekaye Beard love 2y
  •   rollybrom The guy in the white suit looks sharp! 2y
  •   kristenelsby @_meanwhile Figured that hence the ;) - but I do also like to imagine two heavily bearded Tajik men dancing. A waltz perhaps.... 2y
  •   whittiersam Thanks for that! 2y
  •   virsine "beard love" is a song by the Australian band The Beards :) you've just brought back the great memory :D 2y
  •   meerabee I love this. 2y
  •   tsani_82 So simple the life, you know. So beautifull. I like this @_meanwhile . 2y
  •   esther_kling I love the sharply dressed young men in the background as juxtaposition to the elders in the foreground - another brilliant photi 2y
  •   esther_kling *photo 2y

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