flossieteacakes Couldn't understand how quilt top was taking so long to piece. Then counted: 864 very tiny squares. 3y
  •   lilysquilts Not a clue. Never tried it! 3y
  •   flossieteacakes @christinehaynes Really, you wouldn't have done! When I saw it I couldn't quite believe I'd missed it. It would have made me want to poke my own eyes out every time I looked at it (not good and that would have made a complete mockery of the fact that I've worn sunglasses for much of the time I've been making this quilt so that I could safely sew over the pins without risking one snapping and shooting into my eye. I may as well have just taken off the sunglasses to start with and invited them to come and get me!). 3y
  •   christinehaynes Ha! We seriously need a photo of you seeing wearing sunglasses! Do you have safety glasses there? They are über dorky but effective :) 3y
  •   christinehaynes Sewing of course, not seeing. Damn auto correct! 3y
  •   flossieteacakes @christinehaynes yes, totally dorky. They're just regular sunglasses and the tinted lenses aren't great for seeing what you're doing. It's really not a super arrangement, but feels more comfortable than going down the science goggles route (don't think I haven't considered that though!). x 3y
  •   lululollylegs @flossieteacakes I too would have unpicked - that mistake would drive me mad and have to go!! My hand quilting and most of our customer's is done using Perle 8 thread which is quicker than normal quilting thread and creates a lovely feature in itself. Sometimes we use Perle 12 which is a little finer and perfect for a quilt like yours. That said it takes me a fair amount of time to hand quilt larger quilts and I have been known to gift them in their basted state and then take them back for quilting. Make sure you choose a batting that doesn't require heaps of quilting! 3y
  •   flossieteacakes @lululollylegs Thank you so much for the thread advice, Louise, that's super. The giving it unbasted is a good idea - that may end up happening here too :) 3y
  •   mandasustarr Inspiring. Absolutely beautiful :) 3y

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