thedesignfiles View from the High Line earlier today... 2y
  •   perennial Love the High Line - Piet Oudolf is a genius. 2y
  •   antheavanderhorn It's so beautiful... Pop into the Standard for a drink and snack. Try the Ace on 29th & Broadway for great Stumptown Coffee and serious people watching in the lobby;) 2y
  •   girlprinter We might have crossed paths! Did you see the icecream sandwich cart? 2y
  •   shiztastic Love the high line.. had the best watermelon slushy on route.. x 2y
  •   memtree Oh love high line! Go back at night...totally different experience! 2y
  •   myveryowneyegoggles i heard through the grapevine the highline peeps are getting a kickstarter proposal together for a lowline park - underground! 2y
  •   jhinwood My friend @girlprinter must be there instagramming beside you. Small world. 2y

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