ampt AMPT Street photo by Lee Thatcher @leethach

Title: "There were blue skies in my city today"

The picture was taken on a hot sunny day in the city next to a busy market. I had seen the guy sleeping and needed to be as discrete as possible as not to disturb him. I also wanted to get the building with lots of shiny windows in the background which meant i had to look as normal as possible crouching in a walkway where people wanted to pass by. I think I got away with it though and got the picture after a few attempts and a few funny looks from shoppers.
As I get more and more into Photography I'm becoming less conscious of putting myself in awkward positions to get the shot I want. I used to worry what people will think. Now, as long as I'm not doing anything that may upset someone or cause them distress I don't really worry what they think. The truth is 10 seconds later the person has forgotten the silly guy with a mobile phone camera crouched down taking photos of a carpark, and I walk away with a shot that I'm happy with. I'm also trying to make my pictures have a similar look and feel these days rather than be all over the map with different styles. I do have a few shots that have a lot of app'ing but I have more of a focus on straight street shots.
The picture was taken with CameraSharp on the iPhone4 and then cropped and converted to black and white in Snapseed. Some contast adjustments were made in Noir and then the final image was blended very very slightly with the colour version (saved after the cropping was done) to give a little lightness to the face. The border was added with Pixlromatic.
I'm Lee and I live in the UK in a small city called Peterborough with my wife, young daughter and my dog Frankie. Most of my shooting is done in the city centre which is quite small so it can be a challenge sometimes to come up with fresh new shots, but that in itself is a good opportunity to get imaginative.
  •   leethatch @suzanz so kind Suzanz. A great big thanks to you my friend. 3y
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  •   a_ego Killer angle - can never look at things this way @leethatch 3y
  •   leethatch @a_ego thanks mate, I had a few to choose from and this one seemed to always catch my eye. I appreciate your comment. 3y

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