drama Shooting a new #musicmonday with @tmills (@ilovetmills) 2y
  •   congopunisher Young and reckless!!!!! Where is rob???? 2y
  •   grayskywalker @tmills your a shot out bitchmade whiteboy. Stetching your earlobes for the hype. You aint even a one hit wonder. YOU ARE WHATS RUINING HIP HOP. 2y
  •   stash.cash @dramabeats bro can i give one ur best fans a shout out 2y
  •   a7xpraxton182 Fuck that lil bitch made, bitch. 2y
  •   david_stokes ...who is tmills? Doesn't look worthy of a google search... 2y
  •   ashleyrivers25 Mmmm <3 2y
  •   ep3forlife13 I love you Drama but T-Mills is one of the worst things to happen to the music industry! He is just plain awful! 2y
  •   alyssa_drage You and T.mills look kinda alike in a way.. :) 2y

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