coolhunting The designer @jgalvindesign with a table made from 200 yr old Cuban mahogany. amazing craftsmanship @_designjunction 2y
  •   mikis Yeah.. What gives? Why did he use a 200 year old tree? 2y
  •   rawcandy It is a cool chair. But a 200 year old tree is way cooler! Takes me back to the day not so long ago when artists posed proudly with their ivory creations... 2y
  •   pcatran At least the timber was used for something, unlike in Brasil where it would be simply burned down in the field to give room for grazzing animal's pasture for exported beef 2y
  •   threefishinatree Anyone hear of reclaimed? 2y
  •   fabbajabba What was probably meant by this was that it was cut and cured 200 years ago. There is an embargo on Cuban mahogany no one has been able to get any in the states easily since the 60s. There's no shame in using that wood. If anything he put it to a wonderful use 2y
  •   wainer8 @pcatran This is a Very bad argument. We are not talking about brazillian forests. I think you've missed the subject. Neither one is better than the other. Also, I was just asking what happend To the tree, I don't know what was it's destiny, And If so I can't judge. bu If it was as bad as it happens, it's certanly not cool. 2y
  •   pcatran @wainer8 yes 2y
  •   naiadangel Not cool to cut 200 year old tree... 2y

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