arianagrande I want one 3y
  •   heyits.kayyyy Me 2mon
  •   heyits.kayyyy You don't NOTCIE fans these days and it breaks my heart 2mon
  •   heyits.kayyyy Ily 2mon
  •   heyits.kayyyy But sometimes I think you hate your fans 2mon
  •   arianaxashley @heyits.kayyyy not all celebs can notice their fans. Ariana has noticed them before, but she doesn't notice the attention seekers. She has loads of fans and she can't listen to them all. Don't be upset because she didn't notice you. IF she didn't love her fans she wouldn't bother saying 'I love you' every SINGLE DAY. 1mon
  •   heyits.kayyyy @kittyariiii and answer this: why tf do you care what I SAY. You shouldn't be telling me I'm an attention seeker, oh because honey you're wrong. I'm an opposite. And btw GET THIS IN YOUR HEAD: I can do what ever I WANT to get Ariana to notice me so gtfo. 1mon
  •   arianaxashley @heyits.kayyyy Did I say you were one of the attention seekers? NO. I can care what you say if I want because it's on my IDOLS page. Gtfo of here. She ain't going to notice you so BYEEE 1mon

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