welovemarilyn "I could have loved you once
and even said it but you went away, when you came back it was too late and love was a forgotten word. Remember?" - Poetry by Marilyn (Photographs by Sam Shaw).
  •   obersneezer @gabbs_bravo drug overdose 1y
  •   obersneezer @gabbs_bravo oh thought you meant Marilyn. 1y
  •   curlycandle sweet marilyn's face 1y
  •   hjored Hes mouth look like gaga here . 1y
  •   paw4060 Sorry for taking so long to respond! I'm not on here much as you can clearly see from this late response. 3mon
  •   paw4060 Yesterday was 9-11, the same date my beautiful wife passed seven years ago, so I got hammered last night! My late wife of 25 years died of melanoma cancer, she loved to have that tan skin, and it may be what helped take her from me and her family and friends. So lady's please understand if we love you, we can love you the same without a tan, over 5,000 people die every year from some sort of cancer related illness from the Sun or tanning beds. Skin cancer is no joke people! Thank you all for your concern!! From Michael, :) 3mon
  •   mclowlly @xinko 3mon
  •   jillianana @ally_megan8 gudlee powem 2mon

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