welovemarilyn "I could have loved you once
and even said it but you went away, when you came back it was too late and love was a forgotten word. Remember?" - Poetry by Marilyn (Photographs by Sam Shaw).
  •   paw4060 Marilyn, reminds me of my late wife LaDawn. She was so "Beautiful" inside and out, the most giving person I've ever known, and that's why I think she became a Nurse! She started helping people in hospitals as a candy striper after school. She devoted her life to Nursing, and caring for people, it was her passion and she did it with honor, and compassion! When she let her last breath out while I was holding her hand in the hospital, her eyes opened, and one tear ran down her check! When she passed away on 9-11-07, it felt like a big part of me left that same morning at 2:00 am on a Tuesday!! My life will never be the same, nor will her two children, or our one child. Her grandchildren have been devastated, as her Mom, and three Brothers, and many many other family and friends are sad because she was just so much fun! I'll never forget my best friend, my partner in crime, the best lover I've ever ben with!! 12mon
  •   empress_821 @paw4060 although we're strangers, my condolences to you & your family...losing someone you love so much is extremely devastating and heart breaking, but I'm sure she watches down from above and smiles because she still continues to have such loving husband, and she will always live in your memories! 11mon
  •   gomezmf96 @paw4060 Awh. <3 11mon
  •   thesugglife___ What happened that she died? ( if you don't mind me asking ) @paw4060 11mon
  •   obersneezer @gabbs_bravo drug overdose 11mon
  •   obersneezer @gabbs_bravo oh thought you meant Marilyn. 11mon
  •   curlycandle sweet marilyn's face 10mon
  •   hjored Hes mouth look like gaga here . 9mon

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