wedgienet Close up of yesterday's watercolor doodle :) 3y
  •   a_mommy_of_three Hi, may I ask if you also use watercolor pencils here? Thanks. 3y
  •   wedgienet @a_mommy_of_three Hi, nope, just a regular pencil and watercolor :) 3y
  •   a_mommy_of_three Thanks!:) 3y
  •   a_mommy_of_three May I also ask if you sell rubberstamps? And if you give workshops on watercolor painting. I hope you do. I love your work. 3y
  •   wedgienet @a_mommy_of_three No to both, sorry! I only make rubber stamps for fun :) I saw someone who sells stamps though, ill get back to you when i find her facebook page again. And I don't know enough about watercolor to give a workshop on it, and in fact I'm looking to take a watercolor painting class myself :) but thank you, that's very sweet of you 3y
  •   a_mommy_of_three Thanks for replying. :) Your work is very inspiring. I hope someday, I will be able to attend any of your workshops, should you have one. 3y
  •   wedgienet Thank you again, @a_mommy_of_three :) I really appreciate it and the girl who makes custom rubber stamps can be found here: 😀 3y
  •   a_mommy_of_three Thanks! Will check out the sute.:) 3y

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