•   gellawella Heh first I thought it to be a duck, realised it wasn't, then couldn't get it together...but slooowly I got it... Yeea. Brilliant. 2y
  •   rugfoot Thanks @gellawella oh yes, I see the duck likeness! 2y
  •   bws.cattis u're a great photographer, I can tell from your gallery, but 'Bird-Shooting', doesn't seam to be your strongest side!! Lol Love this! To cool! 2y
  •   rugfoot Thanks @bws_c_urbancat. And for all the likes! Very kind. Bird shooting?!? You mean this photo of a man in St Pancras station (from above)?   I know it's a bit blurry  2y
  •   bws.cattis Hahaa! I was joking! I can be a bit too frank, spot-on in my comments, and sometimes it doesn't land the best way;) hope u didn't take it too seriously!? I still have thee ambition to dig deeper in your writing though. But at the time I'm dizzy from bloody meds. Well, some more 'not so important 'jada jada' bout things, u don't need to know!' Well; stop it! (note to self)!!! C ya!! ...if u don't block me after all this bull! 2y
  •   rugfoot @bws_c_urbancat not at all! In fact, I did a blog ages ago about how it would be good if more people were constructively critical of the photos on IG: http://iphoggy.com/post/23662123026/go-on-slate-my-photos. Good luck with the meds!! 2y

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