whoorl Waiting for big brother. 3y
  •   amtib Is she starting school at the fill in letter.... 3y
  •   linij A cutie 3y
  •   whoorl @agassner They have soft leather bottoms, so I wouldn't wear them in the rain. :( 3y
  •   whoorl @amtib Starts Montessori in two weeks. Big changes for her! 3y
  •   amtib A full five day program? 3y
  •   whoorl @amtib full day, 3 days/week 3y
  •   amtib She will love it i bet! 3y
  •   ellabean121 So crazy....it's not VV!! Hope he's doing well at his new school!!! Miss you guys!!! 3y

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