ampt *ْ AMPt Darkroom*ْ - 5 Creative Blend Mode Tricks for Mobile Photographers

Today’s tutorial takes more of a shotgun approach than my past Darkroom tutorials. Instead of getting into detail about how blend modes work I cut to the chase and share 5 of my favorite blend mode tricks.

These aren't just favorites though…these are right out of my secret stash of tricks. You know which ones I’m talking about. The little tricks that you "accidentally" leave out of your editing process because (while sometimes subtle) they’re what totally make the edit.

Read the FULL TUTORIAL on (or click the link on @AMPt's profile) where Adam shares 5 creative blend mode tricks that can simplify complex edits, enhance lighting and expand your experimentation and creativity.

Check back every Monday and Tuesday for new Darkroom mobile photography lessons.

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