roobydooby R. Buckminster Fuller's tombstone. I went looking for this one, knowing it was here. I had expected something more elaborate, perhaps covered with buckyballs, but it's actually quite modest. If you want to know what he meant by trimtab, there's lots of info on the web that can explain it better than I can ;-) 3y
  •   kaphinga Great find!!!! And I am so glad to know I am not the only one who loves great cemeteries. 3y
  •   cpittman703 thanks for this Diana!! He was an amazing character, brilliant and quirky!! @roobydooby 3y
  •   mlturbin Wow, a bit of history Diana.  3y
  •   roobydooby Many thanks @kaphinga - I love this place, and it doesn't hurt that I live 5 minutes away! 3y
  •   roobydooby @cpittman703 Thanks Chris! I have a friend who worked for Bucky many years ago and she said he was truly an amazing person! 3y
  •   roobydooby Many thanks @mlturbin ! 3y
  •   kaphinga Oh, I know exactly what you mean. Oakland is about a mile from my house, and it is truly my visual laboratory for painting as well as photography. 3y
  •   kalyani9 Awesome ha! 3y

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