charlesdharapak I got a request from @sharad2020 and others to see the contents of my bag, ie. what I carry on my person while on the Romney campaign trail. I carry three dSLR bodies, a 15" MacBook Pro and the rest fits in a ThinkTank Shape Shifter bag. #aponthetrail 2y
  •   pbodyphoto Very true! 2y
  •   soskiphoto @charlesdharapak, why the 24L and 50 over a 35 and 85? Just curious on your mindset. 2y
  •   charlesdharapak @soskiphoto for my work the 70-200 is used a lot due to subject distance. 24 and 50 round it out. The fixed 24L has replaced the 16-35 which I used with the cropped 1.3x bodies. 2y
  •   charlesdharapak @soskiphoto I'd love to have 35 as my widest lens. But I am not working alone. There are 4 other photographers and a pool network television camera in the rotation. Doesn't work well in a crowded retail stop in a restaurant, if you know what I mean. 2y
  •   soskiphoto Thanks @charlesdharapak, that helped a lot. My 70-200 also sees the most use, followed by my 24-70 in the 24-35mm range. My 50 sees little to no use, but it's extremely versatile when needed. 2y
  •   soskiphoto @charlesdharapak, I asked because I want/need a wide prime but can't decide between the 24 and 35. I cover general newspaper feature stories and photo essays as a freelancer. Any more advice for me? 2y
  •   charlesdharapak @soskiphoto if I had the choice of one wide prime it would be the 35L 2y
  •   soskiphoto @charlesdharapak, thanks! I was leaning that way by a small margin haha. 2y

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