ingrosso I hate every minute of it but they say it's good for me so .... 2y
  •   v.aleman My iguana also hates the treadmill O_____O 2y
  •   xylo62 NAAAAAAHH DAS DOG @marcusmilnee 2y
  •   robertdsabo Crossfit buddy. Look into it 2y
  •   stebbistinson Try to listen to some music while you are at it. It makes it a 1000 times beters! Trust me :D <3 music and Calling(Loosing my mynd) was sick btw 2y
  •   emmychrltte The best is a good tv episode!! Music doesn't help when u want to run longer than 5min and when u hate it like me haha worst thing but unfortunately the thing that helps the most :( 2y
  •   giacomomiromiranda The Best is your set at nyc edc 2012...I run 15km everyday with It.. Thanks Seb :-) 2y
  •   thecatsrats Hepp pepp Depp.. 2y
  •   pitchblackstreets YOU HAVE TO LIVE FOR EVER!!! 2y

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