drama My boy @philsoven reppin that @yngandreckless movement on Wake Brothers tonight. 3y
  •   mochedda Hahaha last I checked I can make whatever comments I want, I said the guy is an asshole who needs a reality check and he really is an asshole so how bout you keep your useless comments to yourself bud nobody cares about your opinion @zapp96 3y
  •   supermctrashy I love Y&R and Wake Brothers!! They make me want to take up wake boarding again 3y
  •   mannyf2787 @official_twointheshirt keep doing you your shirts are dope! What would you say to two brothers trying to get theur shit out thrre in the world on a small budget? 3y
  •   king_worm I remember when the wake brothers did like a Disney sports commercial. Mind blown 3y
  •   jpnstyle My dude @zapp96 needs to re-learn his spelling and grammar again. 3y
  •   mochedda They're* @zapp96 3y
  •   mochedda Breaking* @zapp96 3y
  •   mochedda Who reads in a sunbed?! You illiterate Keyboard commando @zapp96 3y

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