marissamayer One of our new Yahoo!s Andrew was really bugged by the registered trademark symbol at the end of our logo; he's gone on a mission removing all the R's from our site and our campus. This is one on the random R's we pulled off a wall :) 2y
  •   rarasoka Awesome... R like my initial name... and i like purple too... 2y
  •   thejacklaws A new Yahoo! on a mission. Lets! :) 2y
  •   vladcampos Nice move! 2y
  •   attilaken R@ 2y
  •   dievesa I didn't know how it shapes.. actually didn't need to look at it closely. I think I can like it...:P 2y
  •   gobble525 Can I PLEASE have some or all or one's my initial of first name "raul" 2y
  •   yo_click @marissamayer Sell This On Pawn Stars & Go See @chumlee_ cc: @biggsieb @chaoticdj 2y
  •   jeffcoffee I'll be honest, at first I did not like the new font. It grew on me. Then I read your tumblr post. Love it! Great job! 1y

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