bhaz @Hyundai Veloster Turbo. #Matte grey. Zippy. Love the 3rd door. @gearpatrol review soon. 2y
  •   evodoc Is it true that the matte paint job requires a special cleaning routine? 2y
  •   msmirandal @evodoc It would seem so. I had the same matte grey version as a tester a few weeks ago and it came with care instructions, or rather instructions on what NOT to do to it ;) 2y
  •   evodoc thanks @msmirandal I always wondered that about the matte paint thing! 2y
  •   gearpatrol Mean 2y
  •   chercheylafemme Wow, Hyundai isn't just for your grandparents anymore. 2y
  •   bhaz @evodoc yeah, @msmirandal is right. No soap. Only water and super soft cloth. Even $15k matte job on the Lambo. Yikes!! 2y
  •   bhaz @chercheylafemme right?? 2y
  •   evodoc Pow! So much for that matte black paint job for my '68 E-Type. 2y

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