tonyhawk "Let me cut your hair!" Brilliant plan. 2y
  •   owzpicker And how took this photo because if I was you I would bust their ass and they would not be able to use the ever again and I would be mad 2y
  •   travhen Smart 2y
  •   cfed11 Been 2y
  •   kyraofthesun Why? The hair will grow back! Lol 2y
  •   clarey.bae Most parents - OMG PUT THE SCISSORS DOWN!!! Tony hawk - INSTAGRAM!!! 2y
  •   kimberlyocke When i was little i had a bff with such long hair , until i cut it with those plastic children scissors .... 12mon
  •   teeenspiritt Haha! That's so funny! @kimberlyockeloen 10mon
  •   lv_photog 6mon

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