indiejane Sorry for the gross picture, but this is for everyone who didn't believe me. Those black dots are just the spiders from one day, just in my craft room. I was completely serious about this outbreak. (I've sprayed and they're all dying. I've been sweeping dead spiders since Friday night.) 2y
  •   babecakes I would cry in your position. Cry and get my boyfriend to kill them all. 2y
  •   raquellalily Nightmare. 2y
  •   grettasue This makes me want to cry for you.......and @mquenzer 2y
  •   reginamarie_sf That's awful. It's like a scene from arachnophobia. 2y
  •   sunshineshay20 Oh, hell no!!! 2y
  •   kate_soyouguys @indiejane That's awful! Get some hedge apples and bring them inside. They keep spiders away. 2y
  •   colfacekilla Oh my, that's insane! I live in a basement and see my fair share, but if anything like that happened, I'd be outta here! Hope it gets a LOT better :-/ 2y
  •   frugalnomics WOW! I have a fruit fly problem that could use your expertise ;) 2y

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