jgrantbrittain I love Sprouts, but today I was at the Rancho Bernardo one and when my wife asked where the forks for her salad were, the employee said, "you'll have to ask them, I'm not on the clock." Good service! iPhone 2y
  •   jgrantbrittain That sounds friendly 2y
  •   adam_dot I'd sack his ass , he used the same amount of O2 to be a dick @grantbrittain 2y
  •   jerrywtc stunning level of lameness 2y
  •   signal_twenty Shoot an email to the management/corporate. If you don't want to get anyone in trouble, then leave out names. Regardless, they need to be aware so that they can try to avoid this again. 2y
  •   thegeneralgrant Team player right there! 2y
  •   jaimiemuehlhausen I got really rude service at sprouts a couple of weeks ago. Guy was an ass. And I have completely given up on getting a sandwich within 40 mins at lunch. 2y
  •   jgrantbrittain It's cool, right after that I got to go get cortisone injected into my spine 2y
  •   creativecourt That's so rude! Lol, man. 2y

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