sarahmclaughlin Tomato, thyme, garlic, onion homemade focaccia bread in the oven! Smells so good! 3y
  •   fitnatical_dc Yum! I take it you're able to finally eat? 3y
  •   sarahmclaughlin @living_on_macros yes! Feels so good! I still have to be careful with chewing in the back of my mouth and avoid some hard or crunchy foods but almost back to normal. 3y
  •   dadthebaker Yay! 3y
  •   fitnatical_dc Yay! I remember when I had my wisdom teeth out I had lockjaw for 2 weeks and lost tons of weight cause I couldn't eat anything. It was awful! Glad to hear you're doing better 3y
  •   sarahmclaughlin @living_on_macros wow! That's horrible! 3y

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