•   theteaj It's been going great man! Living every day to the fullest 2y
  •   gabedominic @theteaj that's good man! Glad to hear you're doing well! 2y
  •   j_battalion Ya... I need me a new scooter my dood 2y
  •   gabedominic @jboogg what you getting man!? 2y
  •   j_battalion I'm getting my bike fixed lol that's all. 2y
  •   gabedominic @jboogg whaaaa?! No 750? No 1000? 2y
  •   j_battalion Nahh cuzz then I'd be stuck with double payments. No bueno. Still paying off my goped lol trust me man I want one!!!!!!!!!!! 2y
  •   gabedominic @jboogg ohhh haha didn't know you're still paying that off. At least they're fixin it 2y

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