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A couple years ago I made a pretty crazy bet. I decided to focus my career on mobile photography and I started cultivating the #JJ community on Instagram. I've never been more convinced that I made the right choice. Let me share why I'm convinced we're onto something big here.

1.) Passion - I don't have to convince you that taking pictures on your phone is addictive. It gets into your system doesn't it? Every day thousands of people start shooting square pictures and get excited. For many of them, it is the first time they have really experienced a deeply creative life.

2.) Position -The future of photography is mobile and no group is better prepared to lead the charge into mobile than #JJ. I believe that the #JJ community is the most passionate and active group of photographers in the world. Just think about that for a second. We're just getting started. No website, no app, but we are already submitting between five and ten thousand images a day to the forum.

3.) People - I've saved the best for last. All of you, and especially the over 100 @jj_editors, are the most important part of this creative movement.

Along those same lines, I can not over stress how thankful I am for my amazing management team. Kevin (@kevinkuster) and 'Emily (@ohemg87) really are my not so secret weapons. I wish you guys could listen in on our conference calls. For only working together a month or so, the level of cooperation and synergy is really amazing. They believe 100% in what we're doing here and they have jumped in head first. I am grateful every day to have their help.

I'm a self professed romantic, idea guy. I'm good at big picture thinking and getting people on board. Here's the thing though. Great ideas are just good ideas. Making things happen is a different skill all together. Kevin and Emily help me make things happen. ;-) Thanks guys.

This image was one of my "Top Ten" favorite #JJ shots of 2011. It's by @kevinhair. Isn't it wonderful. Seemed appropriate for this post to me. A new dawn, full of anticipation. :-)

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