kristinrogers Eeeeep! It's first day of school in the Rogers house. First grade has so much goodness in it, I can't wait to learn it... I mean, teach. Up for today: bible, memory verse, hymn, poetry, reading, penmanship, Spanish, early history, geography, math, literature and narration. Lessons will be short, rich and mostly fun. Now, to finish this cup of coffee :) 2y
  •   kristinrogers @knitgirl2006 I struggle with discipline daily.... It's actually a weak point for me 2y
  •   farafreow Respect! 2y
  •   ozp21 You are amazing! 2y
  •   arcticlily What program do you go by in homeschooling? 2y
  •   jessicaminjarez Thank God for women like you who have paved the way for the rest of us, and are willing to share. I DON'T think I will ever be going back to teaching in the school system. I have found a beautiful homeschooling world since I began to follow women like you:) blessings. Have a blast! 2y
  •   saruh14 I was home schooled growing up and would like to homeschool my future children. The things you hear these days about public schools is scary! Plus l want the freedom to incorporate Bible, art and music :) thanks for being such an inspiration! 2y
  •   ilariacanestrale So beautiful. 2y
  •   ashley6504 @kristinrogers could you also email me a copy of your schedule..... Thank you so much!!!! 2y

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