find_ch LOVED riding in Doug's Tesla #supercar! 2y
  •   mikekimtv @find_ch oh no! What are we going to do then when you abscond me to Europe? Does this mean the trip is off? Or worse yet I'm not allowed to come out of the cellar (again)? 2y
  •   _ladylisa_ Siiiiiick 2y
  •   jenniferhopper So niccceee 2y
  •   jberthet Just riding in a Tesla through the streets of Malta with C.S. Lewis' stepson! Are you kidding me?!?! 2y
  •   find_ch @jberthet ha - yep. crazy 2y
  •   find_ch @fetzner totally wish you could see this 2y
  •   fetzner I was actually day dreaming about Elon Musk before I saw this. What an entrepreneur! The new tesla is even sweeter. But albeit wish I cod see that too! 2y
  •   lailarosemooney That is an awesome car!! 2y

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