freepeople Our blog team made some new (adoptable!) friends at PAWS! #freepeople #phillypaws #pets #cutecats 3y
  •   mrsnorthfell Whoa everyone is being pretty sensitive... Cute cat but there is plenty of things to worry about besides people anonymous comments about trivial conversations 3y
  •   vagabondrae @yokateryan I thought this was your cat. 3y
  •   elisnewyork Beautiful cat. Missing mine 3y
  •   nicoleemariec @cityismychurch oh I'm sorry I must've misinterpreted your rude first post as an attempt at an open minded conversation especially the part where cats are the least wanted animal and you're a biased non cat person... its obvious it was conversation you were looking for! 3y
  •   cityismychurch @nmclark8 The radio segment is called Philly's Most Un-Wanted Pets. 3y
  •   krispinkney We adopted our Kitty :) 3y
  •   woud Looks exactly like my cat 3y

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