lillipilli1978 I ate too many chocolate freckles and now I feel peculiar. 2y
  •   auntylauren But they are the best freckles ever! 2y
  •   deerdonna Oh Lordy those are the best!! 2y
  •   thisgirl_is_thatgirl If you feel peculiar it probably means you didn't eat enough.... 2y
  •   lillipilli1978 I like your thinking, @littlejoeyk! 2y
  •   amcconn Ahh, I'm living in London at the moment and miss Haigh's. Mmmm, freckles! 2y
  •   lillipilli1978 Poor @amcconn! When I left London I craved Double Deckers and Prawn Cocktail crisps! 2y
  •   amcconn Tim Tams, and most importantly, drinkable coffee! 2y
  •   lillipilli1978 Coffee I can help you with: my ex-housemate (former barista at Mario's on Brunswick St) just opened up a coffee shop called "Ginger and White". Plus, St Ali has opened up in London too! 2y

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