imchad When @puravidabracelets sends me freebies for being a campus rep sales team member >>> 2y
  •   imchad @georginamacias how would I get it to you? And the money too? I have the bracelets on my Facebook page 2y
  •   fratdaddygeorge @imchad haha I know I was kidding! I buy them here from some friends thanks though haha! 2y
  •   imchad Hahaha. Alright. I was confused;) hahaha. Thanks for supporting the cause no matter where you are @georginamacias 2y
  •   srae24 Yeah how much are they?! 2y
  •   imchad They price varies for style: original-$5.00, beaded-$8.00, platinum-$12.00, and the braided is $15.00 2y
  •   imchad @srae24 2y
  •   srae24 Do you have pictures of some of the bracelets? 2y
  •   imchad @srae24 add me on Facebook and I have a whole album with them 2y

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